Essex Waste Cooking Oil Collections


Trying to make your business have a better carbon footprint. Want to help the planet. Like to recycle. Well I can help. I am a private individual who uses waste cooking oil to power his car. Using the waste oil that you produce in a process called transesterfication I can make Bio-Diesel. Using this enable me to more green and and reduce the emissions going into the air around us.
Under the duty of care legislation, I will issue you with a Waste Transfer note to prove you have disposed of your waste oil responsibly. All operations are carried out within the guidelines set by the Environmental Agency and HMRC.
FREE Collections
Free Collection of Waste Vegetable oil's/ Used cooking oils in the Essex Area. I provide a local service to collect your used vegetable oils on an ad-hoc or regular collection service, Containers can be supplied if required. The service is flexible and can be catered to you, I am an individual and don't have the burdens that larger companies have, one call to one number to arrange a fast collection of your waste oil.

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